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Design of case report forms based on a public metadata registry: re-use of data elements to improve compatibility of data

Martin Dugas

Clinical trials use many case report forms (CRFs) per patient. Because of the astronomical number of potential CRFs, data element re-use at the design stage is attractive to foster compatibility of data from different trials. The objective of this work is to assess the technical feasibility of a CRF editor with connection to a public metadata registry (MDR) to support data element re-use. Based on the Medical Data Models portal, an ISO/IEC 11179-compliant MDR was implemented and connected to a web-based CRF editor. Three use cases were implemented: re-use at the form, item group and data element levels. CRF design with data element re-use from a public MDR is feasible. A prototypic system is available. The main limitation of the system is the amount of available MDR content.